Intervjuer del 6: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Fossan og Gran

Lene Hval Fossan og Morten Gran deltok på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 som ble vist i Galleri LNM, BOA og Tegnerforbundet.

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Lene Hval Fossan

Lene Hval Fossan: Stereotypier, 2015
Lene Hval Fossan: Stereotypier, 2015


4 boxes, each 30x10x10cm Installation, wooden boxes, acryl, Barbie dolls, paper and plastic

Which creative strategy is needed to brand our personal image, and have we become our own “Big Brother”?

I am interested in the gap between who we are and how we try to appear to others; the rooms, both the physical and mental, which we build around us and what we choose to fill them with. What do we need of diagnoses, designer handbags, paradoxes, PT-lessons, illusions and rules of conduct in order to appear successful? How shall we best design our lives to get the most possible “cred” from our surroundings? And is there a standard phrase we can use if we are confronted with our own prejudices?

On this basis, I am trying, with help from text, photos, drawings, collages, installations, found material and social media, to dive into the mental gap, furnish the rooms and put the paradoxes into some sort of system.


Morten Gran

Morten Gran: Amerika er en bil
Amerika er en Bil – performance og foto ved Morten Gran

Amerika er en bil


One cannot suppress a dream, or a longing, or whatever it is. It is something inexplicable that puts thoughts in motion, which does not provide answers, but rather proffers the possibility of new directions and questions.

The idea of driving a Cadillac ‘67 Convertible Model along roads boarded by heavy forestation – moving through small refractions of light – then bursting out into a gleaming, gilded expanse where the road stretches ahead, framed by fields. All this, bathed in the genesis of the early days of spring, where life begins to gain tempo, and yet still with a fragile tone of green before that prodigious metamorphosis into teal. Clouds and landscapes dapple their reflections across the hood, a memory of super 8 film. It’s the American dream that manifests itself when the car pulls slowly forward into the landscape. The long distance is yet the short way to “reach” the great heroes in our dreams. Levi Henriksen captures this essence of being in his text, which is written in the “Beat poet” genre. It brings this journey or one’s thoughts to the book “On the road” by Jack Kerouac.

The film has an almost meditative force as the footage is captured in one long take from the hood of the Cadillac, something that both the text and the music help to emphasize.

; TERJE EVENSEN, music, drums, live electronics; MORTEN GRAN, music, sax, live electronics