Intervjuer del 22: Presentasjon av deltagere på Østlandsutstillingen 2015: Wolf og Ytreberg

[fbshare type=»button» width=»100″] The German born artist Axel Wolf is living in Norway and will be presented today together with Norwegian Christin Ytreberg. Both participated at Østlandsutstillingen 2015. 

Axel Wolf

Wolf SAM_5892.JPG_...1

Silence in between

The work is meant to be interactive, one can place ones head in between and listen to the surrounding voices.

The work seeks to invite you to hear, to listen, to receive, to pay attention; by doing so one can possibly experience the silence in oneself. It tries to point the spectators mind to the center / focus.

Wer ist wo wer? Was ist wo was? (Translates as: Who is where who? What’s where what?)

The attention as an entrance to “here and now”.

Kristin Ytreberg

Ytreberg repair

Fragments of mahogany hand rail with silk

A staircase of my childhood was a place for solitude and daydreams. A stairway holds the dialectics of verticality (up/down)
as well as of outside/inside

… car nous sommes ou nous ne sommes pas

(for we are where we are not)

Pierre-Jean Jouve, (1887-1976)