Intervjuer del 10: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillinge 2015 – Kosugi og Krautwald

The two artists Daisuke Kosugi and Heidi Krautwald both participated in the exhibition «Wer ist wo wer? Was ist wo was? – Identität von Mensch und Ort». And they represent two very different views on identity – being accepted as an Norwegian citizen and portraying the personalities of homeless persons. [fbshare type=»button» width=»100″]

Daisuke Kosugi

Daisuke Kosugi: #NewNationalCitizen2014
Daisuke Kosugi: #NewNationalCitizen2014


2014 Single channel video with audio in loop 13min
Credit: Kim Sletbach Groustra (Camera)

In “#NewNationalCitizen2014” I use my own formal acceptance into the Norwegian Nation to see how nationality plays a role in self-identification and representation, including my own. The video documents my participation in the annual ceremony for new national citizens at Oslo City Hall in 2014.

The narrative is served with the preconception that defining identity by nationality is an embarrassingly naïve act. My interest here lies in questioning the grounds on which viewers make their opinions about the ceremony through this video. Are these opinions influenced by conscious or unconscious ”good/bad” judgments? Is it possible to reflect on your primal position beyond initial judgment, without political and emotionally loaded reactions?


Heidi Krautwald

Heidi Krautwald: The saints, 2011
Heidi Krautwald: The saints, 2011

The saints

Digital photography, printed on alu-dibond
4 plates, each 135x200cm

Four big plates show people who easily can be identified as homeless.

Before I began to work with the camera, I spent a lot of time with these men, talking and listening, thinking about my own values and ideals. This process required confidence and a meeting on eye level without social prejudice. It is my intention that the viewer gets involved with these experiences. I want to offer a look behind the surface.

I want to raise questions about being homeless, like: What does it mean to find a place to live and how can you save your dignity without shelter? How do people look at you? Is it easier to look at a life-size picture than at a real person?