Intervjuer del 12: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Linge&Stub og Lurås

[fbshare type=»button» width=»100″] Kunstnerne Martine Linge og Helene Stub samarbeide i prosjektet Märchenhaft og Siv Lurås presenterer grafiske arbeider på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 som åpner om knappe 10 dager i Kiel. 




 Paper, sewing thread 25x5x500cm
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Two books are interwoven, gripping into each other. They are suspended between two architecturally significant locations in the room. What holds them together is the friction between the intertwined pages. The book cover facing downwards is held in place by one stitch of sewing thread. If the stitch is broken, the pages will turn open by gravity and the object falls apart. The sculpture is strong and fragile at the same time.

This interweaving gives the two individual books another new and shared identity. The books in the sculpture are folklore collections of the Norwegian Asbjørnsen and Moe and the German Brothers Grimm.

Asbjørnsen and Moe, The Brothers Grimm, Oslo and Kiel, LINGE&STUB – a collaboration can be seen as a confluence where thoughts, ideas, expe- riences, cultures or languages interlace. Synergies in collaborations often come out of daring to go close to each other so that exchange and friction can occur.


Siw Lurås

18 x 69 cm Fotopolymer, høytrykk
18 x 69 cm Fotopolymer, høytrykk

Letter from a distant place I-II
 Photogravure and relief print 70x18cm

Outside my window
Photogravure and relief print 70x18cm
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The series Letter from a distant place and Outside my window are prints based on my photos from a journey to Indonesia. The titles of the works are references to places and impressions of what I experienced during this journey. I have also used “automatic writing” for the comments on my works.

Taking part in the New Year’s celebration for the Hindus and meeting with people from another civilisation; rites and symbols are there to question your own place of living, and who you are.

Can the identity of human beings be influenced by visiting a certain place? It is not necessarily so, but I do believe a place can influence the identity of human beings. The places where my photos were taken have made an impact on me and also in my artwork, even after a visit of limited time.