Intervjuer del 16: Presentasjon av deltagere på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Rytter og Sagen

[fbshare type=»button» width=»100″] The artists Hedvig Lien Rytter and Anne Stokker Sagen are both working with issues concerning heritage; They were both participating at Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – one with drawings and one with a textile collage. 

Hedvig Lien Rytter

Hedvig Lien Rytter Without Title, 2014, Pen on paper
Hedvig Lien Rytter Without Title, 2014, Pen on paper

Pen on paper
75×110 cm
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I am interested in describing the concrete and at the same time expressing an inner state of mind. I find the trivial things around us both disturbing and reassuring; it reminds me of something everyday, and at the same time it represents the process of change in our lives. My work is about mental spaces as much as physical spaces. It shows traces of human activity, but is also an expression of an inner condition. Identity is linked to belonging somewhere, and the places where we belong can be destroyed; but something new can grow from its ruins.

Anne Stokker Sagen

Sagen Heritage_across_bordersv01

Heritage across borders
Textile, knitting wool, pencil, pen, pastel
40×122 cm

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A person’s identity is formed through the combination of heritage, culture and tradition. Heritage, culture and tradition are passed down from gene- ration to generation and across geographical distances.

This empowers identity development through summation or potentiation. The artwork is authentic, it spans over 3 generations and comes from different regions and countries.

The women who made their «piece» evoke memories of who they were/are, where they came from and what impact they have had for me as an artist. These women have unconsciously influenced my identity and my artistic standpoint today, as it did for them. I am extremely grateful for the legacy they have passed across borders and time.