Intervjuer del 18: Presentasjon av deltagere på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Sundby og Svindahl

[fbshare type=»button» width=»100″] The artist Maria Sundby collaborated with Thomas Ramstad and Tone Leksbø in two art works, while Guri Svindahl worked on her one in the art works presented at Østlandsutstillingen 2015.

Maria Sundby

Sundby RestinPieces2

The Rest in Pieces
Installation, porcelain, glass, metal, bone Maria Sundby in collaboration with Thomas Ramstad

Trykk her for å komme til hjemmesiden.

Since 2011 my friend and I have collected about 1000kg of porcelain, glass and metal from an old landfill site in the Oslo Fjord. The garbage from Oslo’s population was dumped between two Islands from 1904-1945, and accumulated into one huge island after the Second World War. The City buried and sealed the garbage with soil and grass. It is now one of Oslo’s most popular places for recreation. The objects shows fragments of a former Oslo, all the pieces are a natural part of our history, as they have previously served as everyday items from a home, a hotel or a restaurant. A lot of the found objects in this installation are made in Germany, from for example Villeroy & Boch, Bavaria and some Nazi-porcelain.

This project has several different layers in content, ranging from historical aspects, our identity associated with objects to environmental considerations.

Maria Sundby &Tone Leksbø

Sundby LatestFashion jpg

Siste Mote/ Latest Fashion Video 6min

Ulf Thorleif Hallén ran a women’s clothing business in Thorvald Meyersgate in Grünerløkka. The family business was established in 1888 and had been active for many generations. Ulf Hallén was known in Grünerløkka, Oslo, for his untiring efforts to maintain the building and surrounding area. He also worked hard to have the building designated as a listed property. The Hallén building is a large brick building with a noveau renaissance facade. In the 30 ́s the building was renovated resulting in a more modern expression. The interior of the store is in the Art Deco style, and is of great 2009 historical value. Since 2004, the building has stood empty and is now in poor condition. Both the building ́s exterior and interior are now protected. A dispute between the current owner and the planning authorities is ongoing. In a capital city, local history often receives less attention than the national. People feel less affiliation to the community than they would otherwise have in a smaller city. This project deals with a local character’s history, anchored in how we identify ourselves with the place we live, and with our surroundings. It’s also an invitation to the city’s population to become familiar and engage with a portion of Oslo ́s own history in a slightly different manner.

Guri Svindahl

Svindahl morgen oktober_tegning_2014

Morgen September Morgen Oktober
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I grew up in the south-east of Norway, a place where four rivers meet and join together into a big lake. It is a wide and flat landscape with a wide horizon. Alongside the rivers there are a lot of trees and bushes. The landscape changes a lot during the season because of a difference in the level of the water. The dawn and dusk are very beautiful in such a wide landscape. I can see the impact of nature in my drawings. They have their own logical structure, built by repetitions and variations. I believe I am trying to capture moments of awareness.