Intervjuer del 21: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Torgersen og Walke

[fbshare type=»button» width=»100″] This is the 21st presentation of participants at Østlandsutstillingen 2015. In some days the exhibition will re-open at Landesbibliothek Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel. Here you can learn more about Gunhild Torgersen and Susan Walke.

Gunnhild Torgersen

Gunnhild Torgersen - A shift within a limited physical space VII, 2015
Gunnhild Torgersen – A shift within a limited physical space VII, 2015

A shift within a limited physical space VII
Steel, concrete, varnish, wood, stain, rubber
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In her work with paper, stone, wood, or heavy construction material, Gunnhild Torgersen uses the materials origin, function and symbolic value to build a physical form of language. Through sculptures and spatial installations she investigates different functions in communication. A shift within a limited physical space is a part of a larger series of sculptures. The sculptures are based on structures and shapes meant as roadblocks and figures directing movement in urban landscapes, considering various aspects of mobility and the building of barriers and boundaries. In Torgersens work with building materials, she is testing the materials nature and power of resistance, in search of finding its capacity and balance point through different methods of physical processing. Wheels or handles suggest a potential movement and an unrevealed function, aiming for a physical dialogue between the sculptures, the space and the viewer.

Susan Walke

Susan Walke - Denkmäler (Monuments) I-IV
Susan Walke – Denkmäler (Monuments) I-IV

Photo engraving
4 plates each 19x14cm
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The exhibition’s title ’Identity of People and Places’ makes me think of a sense of home that inspires the artist. In fact, I often find the motives for my work within my personal environment, be it people, objects or landscapes. If we think about all these refugees who have lost their home, we realize that homeland is an important and current issue in our world. The displayed work features monuments in Kiel in which the people have been replaced by anonymous beings in absurd postures. The titles reflect the work’s ironic facet.