Intervjuer del 5: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillingen 2015 – Escobar og Fjätström

Presentasjon av kunstnerne Lissette Escobar og Charlie Fjätström på Østlandsutstillignen 2015.


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Lissette Escobar

Lisette Escobar: Al final acabamos todos igual, 2014

Lisette Escobar: Al final acabamos todos igual, 2014

 Stoneware, slip, terra sigliatta 44x31x37cm

My work is strongly influenced by my home country, Peru. I have found my main inspiration in pre-Inca ceramics. I admire the narrative, complexity and craftsmanship they own. I am fascinated by the fact that these vessels are admired today as they where admired in the time they were conceived. They preserve their own identity despite the location where they have been placed around the world. These objects remind me of myself. I am passionate about ceramics. I find a great satisfaction in using my own body and strength to shape clay into something that will become a form in its own. This action requires the giving and taking of energy. It requires a conversation between the clay body and my own. The ceramic vessel will claim its physicality in a room. My geographical position is always changing, but my core identity always remains the same. Questions about a common human identity come to my thoughts and into my work.


Charlie Fjätström

Charlie Fjätström: The morning after the night before, 2014

Charlie Fjätström: The morning after the night before, 2014

 Silver gelatin

It’s been 10 years since I decided to move away from home, a small town called Orrmo in the valley of Härjedalen. At that time I felt that Orrmo did not accept me because I thought it was too little and very boring. Arghh, the nature, the woods, lake and that dreadful cold. I wished all of this for the people of Orrmo, but not for myself.

For the people of Orrmo local news is big. It seemed to me like they didn’t talk about anything else other than wolves killing their sheep, the wind power plant planned that would destroy a large area of the woods, or that shitty petrol station in Lillhärdal. For us teenagers there was only one way to socialize and that was with a cup with home brewed spirits in it. And of course at the parties you would have to be careful not to shag a girl with DNA too close to yours.

I was a difficult and angry teenager back then. Now I am thinking that I might have let my hormones get the better of me. Besides, my thoughts have stayed exactly the same since the day I moved away from home. I have never in 10 years cared about home. But then I change my mind, I don’t hate the woods and the lake anymore. I now feel compassionate towards home and I wish for this place to endure and actually develop. Today urbanization has become a threat to the countryside, people move into bigger cities and it gets progressively remote. I am asking why businesses and our state only consider the numbers and the economy when what is most important is the quality of life, for everyone.

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