Intervjuer del 9: Presentasjon av deltagerne på Østlandsutstillinge 2015 – Holmberg/Heifetz og Kollath

Liv Kristin Holmbergs og Roey Heifetzs perfomrance blir i dag presentert sammen med Ilka Kollaths bilde. Begge verk deltok under årets visnig av Østlandsutstillingen i galleri LNM, Tegnerforbundet og BOA.

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Liv Kristin Holmberg &
Roey Heifetz

Liv Kristin Holmberg og Roey Heifetz: The dream of a ridiculous man
Liv Kristin Holmberg og Roey Heifetz: The dream of a ridiculous man, 
In the side chapel of Oslo Domkirke: A one-on-one performance

What can rescue us today? What can give us comfort? What can heal? How can we deal with our mistakes, our failures, our shame, our guilt?

This is a research in one of the important structures in the Christian church, the liturgy of confession. In the modern world the ritual of confession is replaced by psychotherapy, reality shows and social medias. We would like to explore the possibilities for a new ritual of confession for our time within our performance.

We invite you to take part in this ritualistic experiment of confession, without any authority involved, face to face, one-on-one, with us.

Østlandsutstillingen in collaboration with Oslo Domkirke-Akademiet/ KULT-Senter for Kunst, Kultur og Kirke

Ilka Kollath

Ilka Kollath: Showdown, 2012
Ilka Kollath: Showdown, 2012


 Digital printing on truck tarpaulins, 180x258cm

The picture reminds us of an imaginary film scene in which the action escalates into a showdown or a final confrontation. The boundaries between real experience and fiction are blurred. It remains uncertain whether the place is a place of refuge, or rather originates from a nightmare.