Kunstnerintervju #39 Sandra Burek

Sandra Bureks verk i Østlandsutstillingen 2018 0 <=> ∞ er en kinetisk installasjons bestående av lerret, kull, kinetisk maskin og iPad. Ved hjelp av den programmerte maskinen beveger kullet seg sakte frem og tilbake på lerretet og lager en rett, sort strek i øyehøyde, som etter hvert som tiden går blir tykkere og tykkere, og fargen tettere og dypere. Bureks arbeid kan sees på Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium frem til søndag 12. august.

1)      How did you discover that you would become an artist?
I think it was in primary school. I enjoyed to draw and paint and the art subject was one of my favourites. When I was younger I used to weld with my dad and build some installation in my room. In high school, I attended extra drawing lessons and after graduation, I applied first to Art University in Poznan which I graduated in 2012 and in last year I have graduated from the international master program at Art Academy in Trondheim.

    2)    What is the challenge of working as an artist today?
It is important to keep going with own research and apply to open calls where you can confront your work with the audience. I have always believed that an artist should have an opportunity to work and show their work in an international environment where you are able to confront your own ideas with many different cultures. What follows, multiple points of view that give ground to build more conceptual ideas through open discussion. Even if there are more and more artists to compete, at the same time, there are more and more Galleries to apply.  The process of applying, however, is time-consuming and could be used for practical work or research but I ques it is part of the occupation.

    3)    Where do you get inspiration and ideas from?
It is different each time. It might be a discussion with a friend where unselfish dialogue turns out to be the foundation of art. At the same time, it could be something I saw, a sentence from the book or other experience. As long subject intrigues me enough to gives the urge for a farther investigation.

   4)    Have you attended the Østlandsutstilling earlier and What does it mean for you to exhibit at Østlandsutstillingen? 
No, this year is my first time.
The process of creating art and then sharing it is for me, above all, an expression of freedom and the satisfaction that comes with it.

   5)    Is there something special you want to convey with the art that you show on ØU2018? 
The investigation regarding 0 <=> ∞ occupied me for some time now. The work concerns subjects as the concept of meaning, understanding of language, logic, and the foundation of mathematics, programming, and the artistic expression.
The assumption ties to understandings zero as non-motion: a point, the emptiness of a primed canvas, and the void of a yet-to-be programmed Arduino.
Using electronic and electro-mechanical components with computer control, known generally as physical computing, a kinetic machine respond to an analogue world by the use of software and hardware, translating the abstract language of data by giving it a shape of the line as infinity expression.

   6)    Is there an exhibition or an artistic event that you are looking forward to in the summer/autumn of 2018? 
Høstutstillingen 2018 at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo

   7) How does your artistry look forward? Do you have long-term goals or do you work from work to work? 
My practice is an ongoing investigation where each subsequent project is in a sense related to the previous one. The research is ground in a comprehensive examination of contemporary artists, thinkers, and philosophers. My goal is to continue my investigation create new works based on the context and temporality which creates the existential condition of the work. Maybe sometime in the future, I would like to apply to a PhD in Art Field.



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