Kunstnerintervju #49 – Birgit Brab

Birgit Brab participates with a threefold work «Erinnerung (feiern)» / «Remembrance (celebrate)» at the exhibition at Norske Grafikere. Etching and drawing is combined in the piece which measures 80×130 cm.

Please tell us a little about your art piece at the exhibition. 
I asked myself, in which way different landscapes influence our identity and our idea of home.In my etchings, I work with forms and areas and their relation to space. Lived moments and situations are the starting-points or ideas for a form, which I then, looked at from a distance, convert into my own illustrating language.

I concentrate on the essence of the moment. This is shown in a simple and reduced, yet condensed and in itself, multiple form. I make different choices in order to focus the viewers’ concentration on the shaped area as the essence of the work. This mode of expression signifies my search for continuity and reliability.

Have you participated at Østlandsutstillingen before? 
I participated in to cooperation projects, 2016 and 2017, in the exhibitions “Identitet” and “ …mit eigenen Augen zu sehen”.

What is your next big artistic project? 
I have an exhibition at anders.art.atelier in Elmshorn. There I can show my newest work.
How do you think that the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein should develop in the future? 
The cooperation can be expanded to install or establish small scholarship (one or two month).