Kunstnerintervju #50 – Anja Klafki

Anja Klafki has a site specific installation at gallery Norske Grafikere.

1. How did you find out that you wanted to become an artist? 
It just happened.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for your work from today? 
By observing my environment.

3. Have you participated at Østlandsutstillingen before?
 Yes, at the cooperation exhibition in Moss in 2012.

4. Please tell us litt about your art piece at the exhibition. 
My installation at Norske Grafik Galleri is called «Beyond the sea».  Fragments of water and landscape are turning the room into a Norwegian fjord you can walk through. 

5. Whats your next big artistic project? 
Right now I enjoy an artist in residence program in St. Louis, Missouri USA. 

6. How do you think that the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein should develope in the future? 
In my opinion this cooperation is an absolutely win-win situation. It has developed already well over the years. The most important thing is financial support to be continued to secure the high quality and artistic possibilties of the program.