Kunstnerintervju #57 – Elke Schweigart

Elke Schweigart shows the linocut Untitled (2018) at gallery Norske Grafikere. The seize of the work is 79x79cm.

1. How did you find out that you wanted to become an artist? 
It was during my studies at the Academy that I knew, I will become an artist.

2. Where do you get your inspiration for your work from today? 
I don´t know. Inspiration comes while working. One work demands another.

3. Have you participated at Østlandsutstillingen before? 
Yes, I participated at the exhibition “Stereo not Mono” in 2012.

 4. Please tell us litt about your art piece at the exhibition. 
When I was working on landscapes and glaciers, I was looking for a technique, which represents the hardness of a material, like ice or stone. The lino-cut printed on wood offered a rough looking surface and hard edges of the cuts. 
In the latest works, like the one in the exhibition, the motif is no longer landscape. It´s a composition of lines, running through some hard material.

5. Whats your next big artistic project? 
Besides the lino-cuts I work on blind prints on paper. I prepare an exhibition at Galerie Brennwald, Kiel, in 2020.

6. How do you thin that the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein should develop in the future? 
The cooperation between the Norwegian and German art-scene is valuable for art discourses as well as for the artists.  It can´t be estimated high enough. I hope that we manage to continue with this cooperation in the future.