Kunstnerintervju #6 Ana Maria Lopez

Kunstneren Ana Maria Lopez viser sin installasjon Trayendo mi Tierra a mi Tierra (Bringing Home Home, 2012-ongoing)) på Østlandsutstillingen 2018 i Vestfossen. 

1)    Hvordan oppdaget du at du ville bli kunstner?
My mother is a painter. Art was a fundamental part of my upbringing.

2)    Hva er utfordringen å jobbe som kunstner i dag?
Low income, no pension or health benefits, short term leases for our studios.

3)    Hvor henter du inspirasjon og idéer fra?
Our society, our culture, history, literature.

4)   Har du deltatt på Østlandsutstillingen tidligere og Hva betyr det for deg å stille ut på Østlandsutstillingen?
Yes. I like the premises of Østlandsutstillingen and I am proud to be part of it.

5)    Er det noe spesielt du ønsker å formidle med kunsten som du viser på ØU2018?
Yes, is integration possible or is it just a dream?

Tierra in Spanish is a term with different connotations. It means earth, land, soil, homeland, and ground. Tierra is a term that encompasses place, identity and a strong feeling of belonging.
Some years ago, I walked the trails of my home country, re-visiting all the places that were significant at shaping my identity. I collected samples of the soil in all these places and sterilised them, trying to remove all the impurities from them (tangible and intangible; physical and psychological) to prepare them for a long journey. Then, I encapsulated the samples in laboratory Petri glasses and brought them to my new home land.
Bringing Home Home is a project where I attempt to bring my history, my heritage and my former identity into my new homeland.

6)    Er det en utstilling eller et kunstnerisk event som du gleder deg til utover sommeren/høsten 2018?
Yes, I think the fall/winter program for Bærum Kunsthall is excellent with three exhibitions I am really looking forward to see. The first one in August features Michael Johansson, Fredrick Arnøy, and Jannik Abel. In September they will exhibit Stig Marlon Weston, Kristina Kvalvik and Kai Tormod Hansen and in October they have invited Per Hess to curate a show called NEON, ARGON, KRYPTON, featuring Jeanette Christensen, Josefine Lyche, Nina Bang, Siri Hermansen, Trude Westby Nordmark,Lars Ramberg, Michael O’ Donnell, Per Hess.

7)    Hvordan ser kunstnerskapet ditt fremover? Har du langsiktige mål eller jobber du fra verk til verk?
There are so many things I would like to experiment with and to explore. I will see where the road leads me.

Ana Maria Lopez, Foto: V Scholz