Kunstnerintervju #60 – Evelyn Gesen

Evelyn Gesen exhibits Nr. 14, Pierrot, from the series alphabet 2005–2018. In the work from 2018 Gesen combines material collage / print on paper and transparent paper (100x70cm).

  1. How did you find out that you wanted to become an artist? 
    I was affected by artwork painting, music and literature at a very young age. It took me years to find out what I wanted to do myself. I was too insecure to simply go ahead and study art. So I signed up for German and English literature to become a teacher. I got a scholarship at a University in America when I was 20 years old. There in the more liberal atmosphere I started to study sculpture and I continued when I returned to Germany and later on changed to painting.
  2. Where do you get your inspiration for your work from today?
    For my present work I get inspiration from mass media, newspapers, fotos, and the absurdity of things happening simultaneously in the world.
  3. Have you participated at Østlandsutstillingen before? 
    This is my first time of participation and I enjoyed it very much. To take part in the opening I traveled through Denmark to Oslo and way back through Sweden. This lead to a fresh impression.
  4. Please tell us litt about your art piece at the exhibition. 
    The work belongs to a series of emblematic pictures which I have given the title alphabet”.They seem simple but they are also complex. The appearance is clear but also contains a hidden meaning. This particular form has the silhouette of Antoine Watteau’s Pierrot named “Gilles” (1718) who embodies a lonely individual, a sad clown.
  5. Whats your next big artistic project? 
    I am doing a series of digital prints of iconic images.
  6. How do you think that the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein should develop in the future? 
    I am convinced that it would be necessary and inspiring to develop the cooperation. Exchange and visits as well as common exhibitions should lead to more personal contact.