Kunstnerintervju #66 – Imme Feldmann

#66 Imme  Feldmann shows the woodcut The Wall/ Mauer during the exhibition Planning Future 2019 – Grafikk — one of seven exhibitions which together are Østlandsutstillingen 2019. The Wall is from 2016 and measures 59,4x42cm.

Imme Feldmann, Mauer/The wall

How did you find out that you wanted to become an artist? 
I had a good art-teacher during schooltime. First i wanted to become art-teacher,too, but when i studied art I changed my mind; i thought I coud rather be artist than a teacher. I decided to earn money by a different way and tried to work as a free artist. I always like pictures.

Where do you get your inspiration for your work from today?  Please tell us litt about your art piece at the exhibition. 
The inspiration for my work “Wall/ Mauer” was not a wall that existed somewhere. During the process of drawing I played with lines an the result looked like a wall.

Have you participated at Østlandsutstillingen before? 
I have not participated at Østlandutstillingen before.

Whats your next big artistic project? 
My next artistic project is a cooperation with too other female artists, one is a sculpor, the other creates objects.

How do you think that the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein should develop in the future? 
I hope the cooperation between Norway and Schleswig-Holstein develops in the future, but I can`t say in which direction.